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Capstone Restaurant Group is a collection of affiliated companies that operates and franchises over 100 Hardee’s restaurants in 8 states.  We were founded in 2010 with just 40 restaurants and through a series of acquisitions and organic growth have climbed our way to the second largest franchisee in the CKE Restaurants system.  Our Company is one that wants to keep pushing for the summit, pushing for the pinnacle, pushing for that next peak.   Thus, the name Capstone, which means a stone fixed on top of something, typically a wall.  We are always trying to reach the top.  We will always push ourselves to be the best Company we can be; the best operator of restaurants in our markets and in our franchise systems.   In other words, we want to be “On Top”!

We are founded on three principles:   People, Hospitality, and Integrity.  When running a business, there are always some basics that go unsaid -the Company must be profitable to sustain itself and provide opportunities for its people- something we will always focus on.  However, these three words provide a core foundation as to what we do and how we do it; we are in a business of People providing Hospitality to our guests with Integrity both internally and externally.   

People are what drives this Company.   People are both our guests and our team.   Without a good team, we will not succeed.  It is certainly a cliché; however, it is 100% true.    We will not get to the top- we will not get to the Capstone – without our team achieving new heights!   For our guests, we strive to provide great hospitality every visit, every experience.

Hospitality!   Notice we did not use the word “Service”.   Why?  We want something higher, better than service.  We want our guests to feel like they are being welcomed into our home when they come into our restaurants.  Service that is warm, it is friendly, it is kindness, it is sincerity and an appreciation that the guest has chosen our restaurant to dine.  It is not just an action but a feeling.   

Integrity in who we are and how we operate.  We are going to be honest and sincere with our team and our guests.   We will be fair and consistent with everyone.   It is simple- do the right thing!

We are excited about our business and our People and the growth of our Company.  Our goal is the Top- the Capstone- where we focus on providing true Hospitality to our guests and operating our business with Integrity.