Meet Kerry!!


Kerry Skinner is currently a District Manager for Pioneer stores in our TriStar Group.  Kerry started working for Hardee’s in October of 2006.  She previously worked for Wendy’s for 11 years, until all the stores in her area went bankrupt and shut down.  At the time, she was a single mom with 3 daughters and needed to find a job!  She went through some head hunters and was hired as an external DM.  She quickly had to run a store to prove she was ready, and then she was given her own district.  Kerry has been realigned to new stores and territories 4 times in the past 11 years with the company, but she is always up for the challenge.  So much so, that she has always been given an extra store each time there is a change!  She said at one point, she had an opportunity to go back to Wendy’s, but chose to stay here with us.  Kerry won 3rd place for DM of the Year last year and is very proud of her accomplishment and extremely passionate about her work.

Kerry was born and raised in Newcastle, Indiana.  When she was in the 11th grade, her father’s job transferred the family to Missouri, and she’s been in the area ever since.  She is remarried to her husband, Chris, and they will be celebrating 4 years on July 13th!  Between them, they have 5 daughters – Allison (28), Aimee (24), Leah (22), Lauren (20), and Sammie (13).  Chris has been a teacher at the high school for 29 years and coaches football, baseball, and bowling.  Their daughter Sammie plays on an elite, competitive traveling softball team, so their lives completely revolve around sports!  They are huge Cardinals fans and with their season tickets, they typically make it to about 25 games a season.  Sometimes, they even get to use the Hardee’s suite!

Kerry lives in a small community of about 8,000 people called Jerseyville, and is involved with various organizations.  The Hardee’s in her area contribute to Relay for Life and Special Olympics events, and also bring the Hardee’s hummer to the Jerseyville parade every July.  One of the most special events Kerry does is for the United Service Organization every Christmas.  Along with many other Hardee’s staff members, she works through the night serving Thickburgers to 4,000 soldiers at the airport coming home from basic training.  Aside from the national impact she has on organizations, Kerry said her stores are supportive of local teams and happenings, and will update their marquee boards to be community oriented.

Check out some of these organizations:

Some Interesting Facts About Kerry:

  • Astrological Sign: Pisces
  • Favorite Color: Pink
  • Favorite Food: Anything Italian
  • Place She Would Most Like to Visit: Hawaii
  • Childhood Dream Job:  A teacher, specifically PE.  (This is funny because she is married to a PE teacher and coach).
  • Little Known Fact: Kerry has a twin brother and the service industry runs in her family.  Turns out, her father used to be a district manager for a chain called Burger Chef and this very chain was bought by Hardee’s!
  • Favorite Organization: USO.  Kerry’s brother is a military veteran, so Kerry feels it rewarding and humbling to give back to those who give so much.