Superstar Service – Ayanna

Byron, GA

We would like to present Ayanna out of the Byron Hardee’s, she is the true definition of a Superstar service team member! When a couple on their way from Atlanta to Miami stopped at Ayanna’s restaurant for a late lunch, they accidentally left their wallet. But with the help of Ayanna she was able to send their wallet directly to them without skipping a beat on their vacation. The guests explained, “We have thanked Ayanna verbally numerous times but believe she should receive recognition beyond that!  She is definitely a ‘Superstar’!” You are the true definition of a Superstar team member within the Capstone family of people providing hospitality with integrity. Thank you Ayanna, we are proud to have you on our team!

Ayanna was presented with a superstar pin and a gift card for her excellence in handling this guest experience.

“She is a valuable and trusted part of our team here in my region” – Special message from Jason Willis (RDO)

Way to go Ayanna!