Megan Willis started at Hardee’s in 1993 as a cashier in Appleton, Wisconsin.  This was her very first job and she’s only moved up since!  She became a team leader at age 17, then moved up to General Manager after high school.  She then became an All-Star team project manager for CKE and assisted in new store openings.  In 2007, Megan moved to Ops Development for Hardee’s corporate and became Director of Red Burrito.  She remained in that position gaining operations experience for about 6 years before being promoted to Vice President of Operations for the St. Louis District where she remains today.

Megan now lives in St. Louis with her boyfriend James and two children, Logan, 12, and Mya, 9.  Logan loves baseball and basketball while Mya is a big fan of soccer.  As a family, they love watching and attending sporting events and playing with their new pit bull puppy, Steeler.  (Megan didn’t pick this name- she’s a huge Packers fan!)

Some Interesting Facts About Megan:

  • Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
  • Favorite Color: Blue
  • Favorite Food: Pizza
  • Place She Would Most Like to Visit: Figi
  • Favorite Hobby: Watching Sports
  • Childhood Dream Job: Teacher
  • Little Known Fact: Megan was on the Jenny Jones Show!  Unbeknownst to her, Megan’s friend set her up for an April Fool’s episode!  Megan was convinced to go a dating show at a bar in Chicago.  They told her to keep drinking this green drink they were supposedly advertising.  She didn’t realize it was turning her mouth and teeth completely green and couldn’t figure out why none of the men wanted to keep talking to her.  They kept coming up with crazy excuses to get out of there!  Poor Megan finally realized what was going on and had to go on the show to talk about it.  They did give her a chance at revenge, but unfortunately that episode didn’t air!