Wow.  What a delight.  When Priscilla’s story came across my desk, I knew we had to speak to her.  Priscilla West works as a hostess at our Hardee’s store in Macon, Missouri.  Many of you are probably thinking, “There’s a hostess there?”  Even though this position is long extinct, Macon keeps it around just for Miss Priscilla.  That’s because guests come from all over just to see her!  She is 92 years old and still loves working there.

Priscilla was born in Perry, Missouri in 1923.  She was married at 18 to Lin and moved to Michigan.  After her husband’s mother became ill, they headed back to Missouri.  She worked for The Gaslight restaurant for 25 years and after they shut their doors, she headed to Hardee’s the very next day.  She has three children who live in Seattle, Florida and Missouri.  Priscilla has 12 grandchildren and a bunch of great-grandchildren too!

Right out of the gate, Priscilla told me that she loves working at Hardee’s because of all of the people she gets to meet.  She has met people from all over the world and is so grateful for the experience.  Going to work keeps her young and happy.  When she’s not at work, she likes to crochet and quilt, along with visiting her neighbors.

Some Interesting Facts About Priscilla:

  • Favorite Color: Pink
  • Favorite Food: Priscilla says she doesn’t eat much, but every day she works, she eats a small cheeseburger.  She likes to make it herself so that it’s just right and the bun is perfectly toasted.  The staff gives her a hard time about this.  🙂
  • Place She Would Most Like To Visit: When I asked her this, she told me she’s already been everywhere she wanted to go.  She and her husband traveled a great deal with their children.  They wanted to show them as many places as they could.  Priscilla has been all over the US, to Alaska, Hawaii (one of her favorite trips), and Canada.
  • Childhood Dream Job:  Priscilla said her parents kept her too busy when she was little to have a dream job.  She had no idea what her life would bring her, but she has always known that she wanted to work with people.  Finding a job in the restaurant industry seems like a perfect fit!
  • Little Known Fact:  Her family owns the West Winery out of Missouri.  Also, last year, Priscilla became very ill and spent a couple of weeks in the hospital.  When the doctor asked her son when she was last in the hospital, he answered, “62 years ago when she had me!” That’s impressive!  She has completely bounced back and is doing just fine now.

I asked Priscilla if there was anything else she wanted to say and she told me that her whole life has been interesting, but the greatest part of it was marrying the man she did.  She said she found a good one!

From everything I’ve heard, Priscilla is quite a special lady and the staff and guests in Macon absolutely love her.  They told me they wouldn’t know what to do without her.  Thank you for sharing your wonderful story, Priscilla!