Meet Robb!


Robert Raymond is currently the General Manager at the Rome 3 store in Georgia.  This store opened in December 2014.  At the time, Phil Quarles was the GM opening the store.  Meanwhile, District Manager, Chad Williams, knew Robb because he coached Chad’s son in baseball!  Chad brought him in for an interview and Phil brought him on as a shift leader in November 2014.  About 6 months later in June, Phil moved to a District Manager position and Robb moved straight to General Manager.  He has been in the position ever since and loves it!

Outside of running a Hardee’s store, Robb is incredibly involved in his community.  Just last year, he won a trophy for bringing the best mascot, our very own Happystar, to a large local parade called “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes.”  This parade benefits the Hospitality House for Women, an organization for women who are victims of domestic violence.  This organization invites men to actually “walk a mile in her shoes” and wear high heels through the parade!  Robb said there is always a large turnout and the whole town is there to watch this hilarious event.  Check out Robb’s bedazzled shoes below:


As I mentioned last month, Robb is a big advocate of the Exchange Club of Rome, much like Phil.  The store raises money for local victims of child abuse.  This is an organization he wishes he could help even more by raising awareness and collecting additional funds.

Many of you are aware that Hardee’s is involved with Stars for Heroes throughout the country.  This foundation raises money for wounded veterans and their families.  What many of you probably do not know, is that Robb came in 2nd place in the entire country last year for amount of funds raised!  What an amazing accomplishment!

Robb’s store is also extremely involved in the Rome High School football program.  Last year, they won their very first state championship and it wasn’t without help from the Hardee’s store!  Since they made the playoffs, the team was scheduled to play the day after Thanksgiving.  They held a practice Thanksgiving morning, and since the school cafeteria was closed, Rome 3 brought breakfast for everyone!  I’d like to think Robb had a hand in that championship win!  Or maybe our Happystar was their good luck charm!

At home, Robb has a big family!  They live right down the street from the store and downtown Rome.  His wife of 17 years, Tracy, is a nurse for Floyd County Health.  They have four children: Robb is 17 and a senior at Rome High, Alex is 14 and in 8th grade, Daisy Mae is 3, and their baby, Gabby is 1.  As a family, they enjoy traveling to Florida, Tybee Island, Gatlinburg, and Berry, GA for family hikes.  They try to catch a Braves game each summer and they are also big Falcons fans- still a little disappointed about the Super Bowl outcome! Robb is an active youth sports coach, coaching football, basketball, and baseball.

Some Interesting Facts About Robb:

  • Astrological Sign: Cancer
  • Favorite Color: Blue
  • Favorite Food: Thickburger (seriously!)
  • Place He Would Most Like to Visit: Grand Canyon
  • Childhood Dream Job: His grandfather was a physician, so Robb thought it would have been cool to be a doctor.
  • Little Known Fact: Robb plays the banjo!  (Among many other instruments).  He said his staff loved finding that out recently.
  • Favorite Charity: Children’s Open Door Home of Rome.  Last Christmas, his store took donations for this orphanage and they were able to buy 2 Playstation 4’s, a bunch of games and toys, movie tickets, etc. and they took them all breakfast.  Robb’s wife Tracy came across this charity through the health system and he’s so glad she did!  This is one he will be sure to contribute to for years to come.