Meet Shannon Phipps…and family!

Shannon is our Marketing Manager for the River Valley, Empire, and Atlantic Star Restaurants. She has a long history with the Hardee’s franchise and continues to be an invaluable source of information and intricate part of our marketing team.  Shannon just celebrated 26 years with the Hardee’s brand in May of this year.

She joined our team when we acquired the Hardee’s stores with River Valley Restaurants in December 2012. Shannon’s story with Hardee’s began in her hometown of Rogersville, Tennessee, when she was hired on as an ambitious teenager working herself up through Shift Leader, Restaurant Manager and General Manager positions.  She moved around to manage and train at different Hardee’s stores in the area, Mount Carmel for 9 years, Bloomingdale for 3 years, and back to Rogersville.  While working as a General Manager, Shannon was the first ever recipient of the Hardee’s/CKE Ecosure Perfect Audit.  She was teased by her peers that she had a clean store, but didn’t make any money!  Tough crowd!

She thought down the road she’d try her hand in real estate, taking three years of courses, and also may be good as a kindergarten teacher, going to school for that too, but her path did not lead in those directions. For several years following, she worked for both franchisees and Hardee’s corporate as the marketing manager and trainer.  It’s evident Shannon is really good at what she does, but her success didn’t just happen without filling many long hours of training, hard work, dedication, and love for the family feel and long-time friendships she’s made in this business.  She was born in Greeneville, Tennessee, and grew up in Rogersville, Tennessee.  There is an obvious comfort and love to living where she does as, over the years, she’s not ventured far from her roots.  Shannon and her husband, Benjy, and their beautiful daughter, Carleigh, are anxiously waiting for their new home to be completed, hopefully by Christmas!

Our favorite questions to ask:

  • Astrological Sign:  Sagittarius
  • Favorite Color:  pink
  • Favorite Food:  her mother’s chicken casserole
  • Place She Would Most Like to Visit:  Hawaii, with her family
  • Favorite Hobby:  playing baby-dolls with her daughter
  • Childhood Dream Job:  kindergarten teacher
  • Little Known Fact:  Shannon was a DJ at a local radio station when she was in high school starting at age 16.  The station played old school country and easy listening music and she recorded commercials for them, as well.  She said they went to an automated system where they would put on big reels of tape that had many songs on them.  While on one of her shifts, she fell asleep, the tape finished, and they went to dead air until her boss finally called her and woke her up!