“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all  who ever have.”

— Margaret Mead

Happy New Year!  I know 2017 is well underway now, but I hope everyone’s year is off to great start.  After reflecting on the wonderful accomplishments throughout the company during 2016, we have decided to give 2017’s newsletter a bit of a theme.  This will be the year of Philanthropy.  We are constantly hearing about regions, stores and individuals who are doing wonderful things for their communities and we want to focus on those stories this year!  We are starting out with a touching story about giving and hope, a Spotlight from one of our own who is incredibly involved in his community and a congratulations to a new store opening and to those who have given many years of service to our company.  Throughout this year if you hear of any great stories that apply to our philanthropy theme, please pass them along.  Thank you for reading!

-Your LBE Family